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2018 Registration Information

REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT: Please register and pay online at http://gpnwCofC.eventbrite.com/. Contact Mission Center Membership Services Administrator Jill Brunette (jbrunette@CofChrist-GPNW.org, 425-207-8712) for a Youth Camp Registration Form only if you cannot register online.

EARLY BIRD DEADLINE: Receive a discounted registration fee when the camper registers and either pays in full or submits a completed Financial Aid Form with camper's portion of payment by the Early Bird deadline.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Final registration and payment deadline is TWO WEEKS before camp. Registrations and payments postmarked after the deadline will be accepted at the discretion of the Camp Director.

TWO-FOR-ONE DISCOUNT: We offer a Two-for-One discount when a GPNW camper brings a friend who is new to our GPNW camping program. Online, enter promotional code "241" by clicking on the blue "Enter Promotional Code" link located in the top right of the pop-up window after clicking on the green "REGISTER" button. Be sure to enter your friend's name you are partnered with when asked. Your friend must also submit a registration.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Limited financial assistance may be available from the GPNW Mission Center. Be sure to contact your congregation for potential financial support before requesting assistance from GPNW. A completed Financial Aid Form and camper's portion of payment must be submitted by the deadlines indicated. Contact Mission Center Membership Services Administrator Jill Brunette for a Financial Aid Form, instructions on starting the Financial Aid process with your congregation, and the appropriate discount code BEFORE registering online.

CANCELLATION: Please notify Jill Brunette of your need to cancel as soon as possible. Refunds will be made as follows:
  • - Before Registration Deadline: 100%
  • - On or after Registration Deadline, prior to first day of camp: 2/3
  • - After first day of camp: No refunds

    VISITORS AT CAMP: We offer a "closed camp" experience at our youth camps. There are to be no visitors unless recruited by the Camp Director. This includes youth who cannot attend the whole week but want to drop in for part of the day. Visitors cause disruption to the camp experience and create potential safety concerns.

    SPECIAL NEEDS CAMPERS: Parents of special needs campers must contact the Camp Director prior to registration to discuss arrangements for a possible attendant (who must be a registered youth worker). Because we have volunteer staff, the camps are not equipped to provide trained assistants. We want to be inclusive in our camping program, and we also want to provide a safe and secure environment for our campers.

    TRANSPORTATION: Transportation to and from camp is provided by the parent/guardian. If your child is sent home for behavior or health concerns, it will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to arrange transportation from the campground in a timely, efficient manner. Campers should arrive and depart camp according to published times. Late arrival or early departure will not typically be allowed, as they are disruptive to the camp experience. If you have special circumstances, seek the Camp Director's approval in advance.

    MEDICATIONS: All medications must be listed on the registration form. Prescribed medications must be in the container dispensed by the pharmacy, with pharmacy instructions intact. Over-the-counter medications must be in the original manufacturer's container, labeled with the camper's name and specific instructions. All medications stay with the Camp Nurse in a secure location.

    WHAT NOT TO BRING: Weapons of any kind, illegal drugs, alcohol, marijuana, bad attitude, inappropriate reading material, foul language, large electronics such as laptop and gaming systems, and large amounts of cash. It is also discouraged to bring snacks including candy & gum, and smaller electronics such as cell phones. These items may be confiscated at the Camp Director's discretion.

    WHAT TO BRING: The camp and mission center are not responsible for any lost or stolen items at camp.

    Elementary Youth Camps

    Elementary camps offer an introductory experience to allow children to learn more about their relationships with God, Jesus, and others. They are taught basic Christian values of love, respect, and kindness, as well as how to live in community with others. Elementary camps offer an opportunity for fun through nature, crafts, games, and team building.

    Kids Camp @ Remote: July 29, 3 pm-August 1, 12 noon

    Theme: "Polar Blast: Jesus Is the Coolest Friend of All"
    Have fun while you learn about why Jesus is your best friend! We'll spend three days exploring why Jesus is our friend and how we can be more like Him.
    Entering Grades 3-5
    Director Katie O'Keefe Knobel: 541-350-3258, remotekids@CofChrist-GPNW.org
    EARLY BIRD FEE: $130 if registered by June 29 or

    Register online at http://gpnwCofC.eventbrite.com

    Camp Zarahemla @ Lewis River: July 31, 5 pm-August 4, 2 pm

    Theme: "Christmas in July!"
    Celebrate Christmas in July. We will focus on the “Birth of Jesus.” We’ll practice the Art of Presence - NOT presents under the tree. There will be a manger and live nativity themes each day. We will also visit Alderbrook Park for a fun barbecue. Come, bring a friend, and share in the Christmas Spirit in July!
    Entering Grades 3-6
    Director Dar Hudlow: 503-409-6646, zarahemla@CofChrist-GPNW.org
    EARLY BIRD FEE: $165 if registered by July 3 or

    Register online at http://gpnwCofC.eventbrite.com

    Camp Mungai @ Samish: August 12, 4 pm-August 16, 12 noon

    Theme: "Jesus and Me: A Deep-Sea Discovery"
    Join us as we DIVE in to learn more about God’s love for us and some of the amazing things Jesus did. Camp will be full of worship, learning, crafts, games, and building forever friendships. SEA you there!
    Entering Grades 3-6
    Co-Director Christine Campbell: 360-306-5501
    Co-Director Mollee Holt: 253-736-4180
    EARLY BIRD FEE: $200 if registered by July 13 or

    Register online at http://gpnwCofC.eventbrite.com

    Junior High Youth Camps

    Junior High camps offer a rich experience of growing in relationship with God and Jesus. At a time when kids start to question their understandings, our Junior High camps provide a safe, loving place to address their questions and thoughts. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is taught in such a way that the campers learn about a loving God who does not judge, but offers grace. At Junior High camp, they learn that a relationship with their Creator can be fun, as well as transformational.

    Jr. High Boys Camp @ Hosmer Lake: July 8, 10 am-July 13, 6 pm

    Theme: "Every Good Path (Proverbs 2:9)"
    With wisdom and understanding, God will show you the way - the right path. At Jr. High Boys Camp, every good path leads to an adventure and an opportunity to gain wisdom and understanding. Join us for canoe trips, a trail hike around a dormant volcano, fly fishing, campfires, and many more adventures.
    Boys Entering Grades 7-9
    Co-Director Andrew Hagman: 503-867-2649
    Co-Director Russ Roberts: 503-278-6461
    EARLY BIRD FEE: $190 if registered by June 8 or

    Register online at http://gpnwCofC.eventbrite.com

    Jr. High Camp @ Remote: July 15, 3 pm-July 21, 12 noon

    Theme: "Remote Jumanji!"
    Do you dare move your piece through Camp Remote’s wild jungles? Discuss, learn, and gain support on navigating the jungles of who you are as a unique expression of God using prayer and Community of Christ’s Enduring Principles.
    Entering Grades 6-8
    Director Eric Blickenstaff: 541-224-6525, remotejrhigh@CofChrist-GPNW.org
    EARLY BIRD FEE: $230 if registered by June 15 or

    Register online at http://gpnwCofC.eventbrite.com

    Jr. High Girls Camp @ Lewis River: July 22, 3 pm-July 27, 12 noon

    Theme: "i am BEAUTIFUL"
    i am Bold. i am Empowered. i am Authentic. i am Unique. i am Talented. i am Inspired. i am Fearless. i am Unstoppable. i am Loved.
    Girls Entering Grades 7-9
    Co-Director Maria Keesee: 360-944-6182
    Co-Director Ashley Whitham: 360-521-4562
    EARLY BIRD FEE: $210 if registered by June 22 or

    Register online at http://gpnwCofC.eventbrite.com

    Jr. High Camp @ Samish: July 22, 4 pm-July 28, 12 noon

    Theme: "Uniquely You"
    A new camp experience for boys and girls is waiting for us! Join us for a week of fun activities, adventures, crafts, and classes exploring our theme “Uniquely YOU!” What makes you “YOU?” Learn how (and why!) God loves you EXACTLY the way you are! We’ll explore the enduring principles of Unity in Diversity and Worth of All Persons, beginning with ourselves. Come ready to experience acceptance, friendship, and authenticity, starting with the person God made you to be. Embrace your unique self, and let your true colors shine through at Junior High Camp.
    Boys and Girls Entering Grades 7-9
    Co-Director Kim Naten: 360-748-3562
    Co-Director Michelle Sylvester: 509-464-9546
    EARLY BIRD FEE: $300 if registered by June 22 or

    Register online at http://gpnwCofC.eventbrite.com

    Senior High Youth Camps

    Senior High camps further the deepening of the connection with self, others, and God. Campers are taught to have an awareness and appreciation of the blessings they experience. Our Senior High camps provide a safe place to struggle with the complexities of life, while nurturing personal and communal growth. There is a focus on disciple formation by learning more fully about scripture, mission, and the nature of God.

    Sr. High Camp @ Remote: July 7, 3 pm-July 14, 12 noon

    Theme: "Come to the Well (John 7:37-38)"
    Do you feel hopeless, insecure, or worried about where the world is headed? You need the water of life. We will explore how God offers us the water of life. What water can do for your body, Jesus can do for your heart. Come and see what the Lord can do in your heart. Come ready to receive the refreshment for which your soul longs.
    Entering Grades 9-2018 graduates
    Co-Director Mike Sahlberg: 503-298-8245
    Co-Director Tara Wigle: 541-520-4151
    EARLY BIRD FEE: $225 if registered by June 8 or

    Register online at http://gpnwCofC.eventbrite.com

    Camp Kimtah @ Samish: August 5, 4 pm-August 11, 12 noon

    Theme: "Right NOW!"
    Come share in the NOW with TEAM, NATURE, and GOD! Together we will BE NOW and jump toward our future. Don’t leave anyone behind - bring your friends “Right NOW!”
    Entering Grades 10-2018 graduates
    Co-Director Celina Beer: 778-908-0944
    Co-Director Dorothy Wilgus: 253-753-3901
    EARLY BIRD: $300 if registered by July 6 or

    Register online at http://gpnwCofC.eventbrite.com

    Fall Youth Retreat @ Lewis River: November 16, 7 pm-November 18, 12 noon

    A weekend to get away and reconnect with camp friends and God in the midst of the busyness of a school year!
    Boys & Girls in Grades 8-12
    Co-Director Jason Keesee: 360-560-7700
    Co-Director Dane Mahi: 541-974-2836
    EARLY BIRD: $75 if registered by October 19 or
    REGISTRATION FEE/DEADLINE: $90 by November 5

    Register online at http://gpnwCofC.eventbrite.com



  • Online Youth Camp Registration

  • Campground Directions

  • 2018 Camping Booklet

  • What to Bring

    The camp and mission center are not responsible for any lost or stolen items at camp.
    ❏ Sleeping bag
    ❏ Pillow

    ❏ Jeans or other long pants
    ❏ T-shirts
    ❏ Shorts
    ❏ Modest swimsuit(s)
    ❏ Jacket/Sweatshirt
    ❏ Pajamas
    ❏ Underwear
    ❏ Socks
    ❏ Sturdy closed-toe walking/hiking shoes/boots
    ❏ Sandals

    ❏ Towels, washcloths, inc. beach towel
    ❏ Soap
    ❏ Shampoo
    ❏ Deodorant/antiperspirant
    ❏ Comb or brush
    ❏ Toothbrush and toothpaste
    ❏ Sunscreen
    ❏ Insect repellent
    ❏ Lip balm

    ❏ Bible
    ❏ Flashlight & batteries
    ❏ Camera
    ❏ Alarm clock

    ❏ Plain white T-shirt

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