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Click here for a listing of this month's young adult events throughout the GPNW Mission Center.


Emergence is the World Church young adult ministry of the Community of Christ, supporting those who minister to people in their late teens, twenties, and thirties. Emergence supports the full integration of young adults in the Community of Christ to help them develop a relationship with Jesus Christ, their peers, their congregation, and their community.


Visit emergencenow.org


'YAPS' is an acronym for Young Adults of Puget Sound. YAPS is a young adult group of the Community of Christ faith movement. YAPS is based in the Seattle Area but has participants from Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia, Canada.


Sean Langdon: 425-293-6366, seanmlangdon@gmail.com
Erik Skoor: 425-238-9714, erikskoor@hotmail.com
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MAYAs, or Metro Area Young Adults, is comprised of Young Adults from congregations in the Portland Metro surrounding area. The MAYA group embodies its mission to proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of hope, love, joy, and peace. All are welcome to fellowship, worship, and have fun.


Rachel Mills, metroareaya@yahoo.com
 Visit the MAYAs blog at www.cofcmayas.blogspot.com


SOYAs, or Southern Oregon Young Adults, is comprised of Young Adults from congregations in Southern Oregon looking to meet new people, build relationships and share in God's love.


Sheyne Benedict, 541-505-6915, sheyne.benedict@gmail.com
Jill Windes, 541-954-5245
 Visit the SOYAs on Facebook


Visit the SOYAs MySPace page at http://www.myspace.com/youngadultsinchrist


Blessing Our Children and Future Generations
Visit the Evangelists page for documentation of this weekend.


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