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Peace and Justice Links


Amnesty International - This organization has been endorsed by the church, and a church member, Kathy Bachman, sits on its board of directors.


Bread for the World - Following Jesus’ call in announcing “Good News,” Bread for the World members work in congregations, within religious organizations or with their national denominations in the United States to create the political will to end hunger. Our actions to seek justice for the world’s hungry people remain rooted in faith and the promise that they “will hunger no more and thirst no more….and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes. (Rev. 7:16,17).


Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center - Palestinian Christian site for an organization in Israel seeking middle east peace.


Fellowship of Reconciliation - Since 1915, The Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) has carried on programs and educational projects concerned with domestic and international peace and justice, nonviolent alternatives to conflict, and the rights of conscience. A Nonviolent, Interfaith, tax exempt organization, The FOR promotes nonviolence and has members from many religious and ethnic traditions. It is a part of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR), which has affiliates in over 40 countries.


GandhiServe Foundation - A site based on Gandhian principles that connects to other sites on peace & justice.


In the Forefront Blog - Faith-in-Action human rights network. Rod Downing (recipient of the Community of Christ 2007 International Human Rights Award) hosts a blog on behalf of the Community of Christ Human Rights Team. It includes some helpful links for information and opportunities to make a difference for human rights worldwide.


Interfaith Works - Based out of Olympia, WA, our own Kathy Erlandson of the Olympia, WA Congregation is Executive Director. Their Vision Statement is, "Social change through interfaith understanding and cooperation." Statement of Purpose: "Interfaith Works promotes interfaith understanding, and serves the community through charitable, social and educational endeavors. Interfaith Works (IW) is a non-profit association of faith communities and individuals of diverse faith traditions. We have a long-standing history of bringing the human and financial resources of our faith communities together with business and government agencies for the benefit of those in need. We strive to participate in endeavours which are relevant to the times in which we live, while maintaining our identities as people of faith."


Operation Respect - A program started by Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul & Mary fame) that focuses on educational materials teaching respect of all peoples in the world and in schools. Focuses on grades K-12 and is free to all who want it. Over 10,000 schools are using it, and more everyday are adopting it. Intent is to offset what Peter refers to as the "Weakest Link culture" that makes game out of belittling children.


www.orphansafrica.orgOrphans Africa - Orphans Africa is a charity organization in the United States dedicated to assisting orphans and widows in Africa. Orphans Africa began in 2007 with the coming together of three ordinary people from the Community of Christ with an extraordinary vision: to build peace between nations by providing assistance to those who are most vulnerable. We build schools and provide education to orphans and assist in business development for widows in Tanzania, East Africa. We offer volunteer opportunities to those who want to assist the orphans and widows.


Pathways to Peace - Wonderful images, music, etc., focusing on daily devotionals for those wanting to be peace makers.


Seeds of Peace - From their website: "Our mission is to empower leaders of the next generation. Treaties are negotiated by governments. Peace is made by people. Seeds of Peace is doing what no government can. It is sowing the seeds of peace among children who have grown up with the horror of war. By teaching teenagers to develop trust and empathy for one another, Seeds of Peace is changing the landscape of conflict. It is enabling people blinded by hatred to see the human face of their enemies. It is equipping the next generation with the tools to end the violence and become the leaders of tomorrow."


Southern Poverty Law Center - The Southern Poverty Law Center is run by Morris Dees and focuses on pursuing hate crimes, prosecuting racial hatred cases.


Teaching Tolerance - An arm of SPLC which specializes in developing, distributing for free, educational material on teaching tolerance in the schools.


Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation - Western Washington chapter of The Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR).


World Church Justice and Peace Issues Web Page


World Church Peace and Justice Team Web Page


World Church Peacebuilding Ministries Web Page

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