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Natural Disasters

Here are some emergency tips that may help your congregation:


  • Make sure that the Mission Center President, Financial Officer, Communications Administrator and your congregation's support minister are alerted to your disaster and needs.

  • If you have an answering machine, put a name and contact number for EMERGENCY CONTACT. Make sure that church and pastor phone numbers are listed with Fire and Sheriff/Police departments for reverse 911 calls.

  • Make sure that a congregational neighbor and/or daily tenants have a name and contact number to alert you if there is a problem with the building (vandalism, fire, water, floods, wind, earthquake damage, etc.).

  • Develop a local contact list for Emergency Support Services to request/provide assistance as needed (Red Cross, Shelters, etc.).

  • Have a Disaster Phone Tree (land lines and cell phones), email addresses and notes about CB and Ham Operators for all members to utilize when requested to activate. Organize by area codes and link one person per area code to each other: Are you OKÖ do you need any support? Where are you now, and have you made contact with family/friends? Report on church condition (physical and hours to be open/closed).

  • First aid kits, water, flashlights, supplies, transistor radio and/or walkie/yalkies should be organized at the church in case you need to care for yourselves at church during a disaster. Be aware of multiple evacuation routes and radio stations providing emergency preparation information.

  • Plan in advance as a congregation if you will open your facility for physical, emotional or spiritual support or become a designated Disaster Site with Red Cross.

  • Those able to help to mobilize with a variety of disaster needs (housing, generators, transportation, RVís, first aid, pastoral care, etc.) should be documented and reported per communication chains.


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