Warm Greetings to Members and Friends of Community of Christ in the Pacific Northwest:


I invite you, your family, your neighbors and friends to attend one or more of our summer outdoor camps and reunions hosted by the Greater Pacific Northwest Mission Center – Community of Christ.


If you’ve attended a youth camp before, you remember the fun, friendship, personal growth and moving worships you experienced. Camps offer you time to pay attention to your spiritual side, surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation. With people your own age you can enjoy a safe, supportive environment to explore the nature of God, what your faith means to you, and how to live it out in the world. Family reunions offer positive, intergenerational fun, fellowship, and joyful, expectant worship. All camping experiences give us a chance to love others and be loved, just as we are. Come and renew your friendships and be refreshed by the Spirit.


Kathy Sharp, GPNW Mission Center President
ksharp@cofchrist-gpnw.org; 425-488-8202


Click on a campground name to be taken to that campground's page, which includes directions to, and phone numbers for, the facility.


Samish Island Campground


Samish Adult Reunion: June 14, 3 pm to June 20, 12 noon
“Create Pathways for Christ’s Peace”

Featuring ministry by Danny A. Belrose, Retired Presiding Evangelist,
and Penelope Belrose,
Joined by High Priest Francine Inslee, Congregational Support Minister,
and High Priest Kathy Sharp, GPNW Mission Center President


Reunion activities will feature a special Mission Center Conference to approve ordinations, prayer services, classes and worship services—with considerable time available for fellowship and sharing. We will be exploring in depth D&C 163.


Guest minister, Evangelist Danny Belrose, served the Community of Christ as a full time minister from 1981 until his retirement in 2006. He served as the church's Presiding Evangelist from April 2000 until his retirement. His wife, Penelope, will also share her gifts of music, worship and teaching with us. 

12163 Bayhill Drive
Burlington, WA 98233
glen.mar@comcast.net; 360-757-4559



Samish Family Reunion: July 6, 2 pm to July 12, 12 noon

Featuring ministry by High Priest Thomas L. Mountenay
Joined by Elder Debbie Sullivan, Congregational Support Minister,
and High Priest Kathy Sharp, GPNW Mission Center President

Enjoy recreation tournaments, Club Samish, outstanding evening worship services, Renaissance Faire, talent show on Friday evening, incredible meals, classes for all ages, Wednesday evening communion service, campfires, prayer services, quiet chats under the stars, and many blessings from ABOVE!

Tom Mountenay, a minister for the Community of Christ, was assigned to be coordinator of the Co-Missioned Pastor Initiative in 2004. Although officially retired now, Tom became a full-time minister in 1980 and holds the priesthood office of High Priest. A native of Bethune, Saskatchewan, he received a B.A. degree from Graceland College, Lamoni, Iowa, and a Master’s of Social Work degree from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia. Mountenay is married to Linda Ruth Lowman Mountenay. They have three children: Alice, Joy, and Zac (deceased), who are all married and have provided them their six grandchildren.

Attn: Samish Camp
30442 101st Place SE
Auburn, WA 98092
wangerx4@aol.com; 253-333-0010



Samish NW Singles Reunion: July 27, 3 pm to August 2, 12:01 pm “Come Touch the Hem”

Featuring ministry by Evangelist Kenneth Robinson

Northwest Singles is a support group with the following goals:
Healing: Emotional, physical, spiritual, and sense of self-worth;
Support: Building a support system; bonding with each other;
Commitment: Recognition of our commitment to God and God’s commitment to us;
Define life's purpose: Develop life's disciplines and clarify specific objectives;
Doing the vision: Going beyond self, responding to God's call to us; being empowered to fulfill God's call.

Reunion activities include large and small group interaction, individual sharing time, classes, campfires, crafts, special dinners, uplifting worships and an open day trip July 30 to Friday Harbor or other events. Note: Arrangements need to be made at the time of registration for those flying into the area.

A full-time minister since January 1977, Ken Robinson served as an apostle from 1980 to 1996, and was ordained a member of the First Presidency in April 1996. An Australian, Ken trained and practiced as a clinical psychologist in Western Australia. He later worked as director of student counseling at the University of Canberra, and then the Australian National University. Ken and his wife, Pat Moxham Robinson, have three children: Jennifer, Gail, and Anthony.

PO Box 1305
Puyallup, WA 98371
bettyken2@aol.com; 253-863-3254


Lewis River Campground


Lewis River Family Reunion: June 29, 3 pm to July 4, 12 noon

Featuring ministry by High Priest Barbara Carter, Sierra Pacific Mission Ctr President,
and Seventy Charlie Carter, Sierra Pacific Mission Center Missionary Coordinator,
Joined by High Priest Kathy Sharp, GPNW Mission Center President


Barbara Carter has served the people of the church as bishop of the South Central States Region, and as the San Francisco Bay Stake President. She is currently the SPMC President. Charlie Carter has served the church over the years as a full time pastor, executive minister, and missionary. They have lived in South Carolina, Kansas, Missouri, Oregon and California. Their daughter Chelsea is a junior at Graceland University.


DIRECTOR: Shari Amos
ssamos@verizon.net; 503-674-8996


1632 SE Elliott Avenue
Gresham, OR 97080
susan.gregory3@verizon.net; 503-665-4502  


Alaska: Laverne Griffin Camp


Alaska Family Reunion: July 6, 4 pm to July 11, 12 noon

Featuring ministry by Bishop William McFarlin, Mission Center Financial Officer,
Joined by High Priest Brad Shumate, Congregational Support Minister


Over the past 25 years, Bill McFarlin has served as pastor and just about every other congregational leadership role. His undergraduate education was done at Graceland University, and he received a doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic. Bill recently completed his Master’s of Arts in Christian Ministries degree from Graceland. Bill is married to Beth, and they have two children.

DIRECTORS: Kate Steinel
yea4kate@hotmail.com; 907-452-1550
Sandy Besser and Judy Anderson

3044 Wentworth Street
Anchorage, AK 99508


Camp Remote


Remote Family Reunion: July 27, 10 am to August 2, 11:30 am

Featuring ministry by Apostle Susan D. Skoor,
Joined by Elder Debbie Sullivan, Congregational Support Minister,
and Visiting Ministers High Priest Brian & Seventy Vera Entwistle from Australia

Registration begins at 10:00 am on July 27; first service is at 2:00. Please do not arrive on the grounds before Sunday morning—no exceptions! Talent Show on Tuesday, July 29 for all ages; please bring instruments, etc. Come and enjoy the peaceful beauty of Camp Remote while experiencing the ministry, fellowship, great food and fun Remote Family Reunion offers!

Susan Skoor is a member of the Council of Twelve Apostles, the leading missionary quorum of the Community of Christ, and is assigned to the Pacific Mission Field. Skoor holds a degree in biology with a minor in chemistry from Saginaw Valley University and a Master’s of Arts in Religion from Graceland University. Susan has two married daughters, Marie and Christie, and one granddaughter, Grace.


Brian and Vera Entwistle previously lived in Eugene, Oregon, where he served as pastor, and both have taught in Shanghai, China for the past 3 years. Brian has served as Stake Youth Leader, Assistant to Stake President, World Church Appointee assigned to the South East Region, and then transferred to Australia serving as Sydney District President. He currenly serves as Pastor of the Tuncurry Congregation in Australia. Vera served in a number of positions at World Church, including Coordinator of Older Youth Service Corps and interim World Church Girls Leader. She founded the Camp Quality program in Australia and then extended the program to USA, Canada, New Zealand and many other countries.

DIRECTOR: Vivian Nash
vjnash@comcast.net; 541-461-6132

REGISTRATIONS TO: Katie O’Keefe-Knobel
2127 NW 13th
Redmond, OR 97756
katieokeefeknoble@yahoo.com; 541-923-6798